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Step 1: Membership

Effective June 1, 2021:

2021-2022 Annual Membership Fees

PreK & Academy: $50 p/family
Pre-Competitive Teams: $100 p/family
Competitive Teams: $200 p/family

Payable upon registration after June 1, 2021

We know times are tough right now. AGI will NOT require annual membership fees for new member for the rest of the 2020-21 Season.

Current will RENEW in June of 2021.

New and renewing members joining after June will default to the annual membership fee associated with the highest level athlete enrolled. 

STEP 2: Join Classes


1x Per Week


Per Month
  • Choice of 1 Class Day/Time
  • Makeup Classes
  • AGI Leotard
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3x Per Week


Per Month
  • Choice of 3 Class Days/Times
  • Makeup Classes
  • AGI Leotard & Gear
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1x Per Week


Per Month
  • Choice of 1 Class Day/Time
  • Makeup Classes
  • AGI Leotard
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3x Per Week


Per Month
  • Choice of 3 Class Days/Times
  • Makeup Classes
  • AGI Leotard & Gear
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PreK Gymnastics | Ages 2 - 3.5 

PreK Gymnastics | Ages 3.5 - 5

K-1st Academy | Ages 4-6 

AGI Academy | Ages 7+

AGI Advanced Academy | Ages 7+


Our annual cycle begins June 1st of every year and runs year-round through May 31st!

Step 3: AGI Olympics

The AGI Olympics is our Club-wide Annual Showcase, and is the culmination of the season!

All active members are automatically enrolled in the AGI Olympics! Fees are applied to accounts in February, March  & April as follows:

Academy & Team Programs: $33 x 3
PreK Programs: $16 x 3

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Step 4: Activities at AGI


Open Gym 

Sundays 1-3pm | Ages 5+ |  $12 per child

Morning Playgroup

Mondays 9-11am | Ages $8 per child

Clinics & Camps 


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Non-Members Welcome


At AGI all paths lead to team! Whether your kiddo is just looking to get their feet wet or wants to pursue the highest levels of competition, AGI has the program for you!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to tune up current skills or accelerate learning new ones!


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Covid-19 Safety


Drop-Off and Pick Up: We ask that parents drop off and pick up at the garage exit to reduce contact between those leaving the gym and the next group arriving.

Social Distancing- Gymnasts​: 6’ or 36 sq. ft. per gymnast (6x6) remains the protocol whenever possible. Training groups are kept separate and wipe down shared equipment as they work through rotations. 

Wherever possible we have scheduled 15 minutes between groups leaving the gym and the next group arriving and staggered the start times of overlapping groups. This will greatly help us avoid crowding at the entrances, and in the restroom and allows us to quickly and efficiently react to potential exposures to mitigate a gym-wide outbreak.

Every AGI gymnast must bring a bag containing a water bottle, hand sanitizer, and a block of chalk in a sturdy plastic box or heavy duty gallon-sized ziplock bag with the gymnast’s name on it, and their own training accessories. 

The communal chalk trays will not be in use, except to catch excess chalk. These will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. We will continue to provide filtered cool water at the north corner of the gym.

Gymnasts over the age of 5 are required to wear a face mask while training, when safety permits. 

Social Distancing- Parents​: 6’ is the standard. We will continue to offer parent viewing in-gym but it will be limited to a capacity of 12 until further notice. We are looking into options to add additional seating (bleachers), but for now this is the best we can do while ensuring a safe training environment. We are asking that when you do want to watch that only one parent watches. Parents must wear face masks and observe all necessary social distancing measures. Siblings will not be allowed.

Customer Service: The front desk has been completely removed, and all customer service, including the Pro Shop and Snack Shop are conducted between classes via coach, on a self-serve basis online, or by text or phone. 

Social Distancing - Coaches: Our coaches will be required to wear masks and sanitize their hands before spotting. Coaches will be allowed to wear face masks at all times.

Spotting​: Physically manipulating (spotting) a gymnast is a crucial aspect in training gymnastics. It increases the physical safety of the athletes, puts the gymnasts in the right position to help the learning process, and it prevents injury. While we will actively seek to reduce the amount of spotting by increasing the use of drills and progressions, spotting will remain part of what we do.

Hyper Attention to disinfecting and cleaning​ surfaces and the gym in general: As you may recall, we had a particularly hard-hitting winter flu season in 2019, and we were already doing this before the threat of COVID-19 became our new reality. We will continue to do so.

Time between classes and practices will be used, in part, to wipe down equipment and for the coaches to sanitize their hands. In addition, we strongly urge the gymnasts to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving for the gym.

We also urge a thorough washing after the gymnasts get home. The single most concerning chokepoint in the gym is the restroom: we only have one unisex restroom and two sinks. We cannot insist on frequent washing if we only have two sinks. Instead we will rely on you to get those hands washed before and after practice.

During practice we will give the athletes time to use their hand sanitizer between each event and we will have plenty of hand sanitizer available throughout the gym.

Participation Guidelines:

Athletes and Coaches will have their temperature taken daily.

-Any athlete or coach with fever registering 99.0 degrees or higher will not be allowed to participate

Symptomatic Coaches and Athletes:

  • any coach or athlete exhibiting frequent COUGH will not be allowed to participate, unless cleared by physician
  • any coach or athlete experiencing shortness of breath will not be allowed to participate, unless cleared by physician
  • if any coach or athlete with a family member or close contact are exhibiting any of the above constellation of symptoms and who suspects or is being evaluated for Coronavirus, we ask that you and your athlete remain at home
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AGI is Edwardsville's premier private gymnastics club!

Our 11,000 square foot facility houses state-of-the-art training and competitive apparatus to fully support the development of both male and female artistic gymnasts from Preschool through Elite!

AGI is a proud USA Gymnastics and NGA Member Club. 

AGI Coaches are:

  • USA Gymnastics Certified & Accredited
  • Safesport Certified
  • Have Passed a National Background Check