AGI Policies & Procedures

Last Updated January 27, 2020

We’re so sure that you will love being part of our AGI family, that should you be unsatisfied, your membership fee and first month’s tuition is fully refundable! 

Please note, you must request your refund within 15 calendar days of your first scheduled class, this applies regardless of attendance of the first scheduled class. This arrangement does not apply for “Drop-In” or team programs, camps, clinic or other services.


All Programs’ Tuitions are due every 26th of the month prior to the active month. (example; June Tuition is due May 26th.) 

PreK & Rec Programs: Tuition is billed monthly for all preschool and recreational programs. Your tuition will be due every 26th of the month. We understand proper financial planning is important for our families. We will always send out invoices on the 20th of every month. Unpaid accounts after the 26th of the month will incur a $10.00 late fee, which will be applied to your account. The card on file, regardless of autopay status, will be run on the 1st of the month. Accounts left unpaid for over 30 days will result in automated class un-enrollment. 


Team Programs: It is our policy that AGI Xcel and Junior Olympic Team Members consider training at AGI to be a year-round commitment. Your commitment to a 12-month training cycle ensures consistency in coaching and greater progress towards achieving goals. Therefore, beginning January 2020, Team Tuitions will be billed by annual season (June through May), and will payable in 12 monthly installments on the 26th of every month. A late charge of $15 will be applied for all team accounts not paid by the due date. Team accounts unpaid after 10 days will be subjected to an additional 1.5% late fee per day. This late fee policy also applies to assessment, and other team-related fees. 

Team Refund Policy: AGI does not offer refunds for any reason (injuries included) nor do we prorate for missed training sessions. Monthly tuition is determined by considering the cost of the total program for the year and not a per-hour charge. The total program cost is divided into 12 equal monthly payment installments regardless of the number of training hours during that month. In short, your annual tuition pays for your spot on the team, not your time in the gym, and is payable in full regardless of your status on the team. 





The AGI Olympics is the culmination of the entire AGI program every year! 

If you are enrolled in classes, you will be automatically enrolled and scheduled into the AGI Olympics, as it is a part of our annual program!

This is an additional charge annually which will automatically be added to your tuition. 

The charge is spread out into three $33 installments ($16 for Martial Arts and Preschool) and are applied throughout February, March, & April. Again, this is automatic and will be applied to your tuition. If you are unable to participate (out of town, etc.) you must submit an Opt-Out Form. 

Although you are permitted to drop out of the AGI Olympics, it is highly recommended not to do so. If you decide to drop out you must do so before April 15th. If you drop out after any payments have been applied, you will only be permitted a credit of amounts paid (not a refund). No credits or refunds will be issued if you miss the opt-out date. 

Opt-Outs can only be made through the proper online form. No other form is permitted. E-mail, phone, or verbal “drops” cannot be accepted and will not be considered valid. To find the proper online form, visit and search look for the AGI Olympics link.




AGI plans 3-4 weeks of gym closures per calendar year. 

All 1x per week PreK and Rec Programs are billed based on a 4-week month. In the case that a month does not have 4 weekly classes, tuition is automatically prorated. If a month has 5 classes, there is no additional charge. AGI does not prorate for Martial Arts, 2x per week, 3x per week, Next Gen and Team Tuitions. 


AGI reserves the right to cancel or close classes for any reason including inclement weather, poor staffing or low enrollment. Should AGI cancel a class, we will make every effort to provide a make-up opportunity to students within 30 days. If a makeup is not possible, AGI will issue a class credit for the cost of the cancelled class or classes upon request. 

AGI reserves the right to alter, cancel or close team practices or programs for any reason including coaches’ travel, coaches’ education, competitions, inclement weather, poor staffing or low enrollment. AGI will make every effort to provide a comparable makeup practice when applicable.






To take part in a Make Up Class you must have Make Up Tokens in your account. 

1. You must submit a notice of your absence prior to the class to receive a Make Up Token. The notice must be submitted through our website via the “Absence Notification” form.

2. You can use your Make Up Tokens at any time, but we cannot book a Make Up Class further than 7 days (1 week) out. However, the token never expires so long as you remain actively enrolled. 

3.If you become inactive, you will permanently lose any Make Up Tokens you have accumulated. Make-up classes are a benefit and are not transferable. Furthermore, if your membership expires or you become inactive, all of your make-ups will permanently expire, regardless of if you renew membership at a future date. 

4. Make Up Tokens are non-transferable to others (including to siblings).


Waitlist: Clients on a waitlist for a class will be accommodated on a first come first basis, however, clients not currently enrolled in classes will be prioritized. 

Effective January 1st, 2020, all new or renewing members must have a credit/debit card on file in order to be enrolled in classes.

Card on file will be automatically charged for unpaid balances on the 26th, and, if overdue, again on 1st of the month, after late fees have been applied. 

If client is unable or unwilling to place a card on file, a deposit must be submitted for the value of one month’s tuition. This is refundable only if client places a 30-day drop notice (refund will be given after last day of classes). If client’s account becomes 30 days past due, client will be dropped from program and the deposit will become non-refundable.


Check payments or automatic checking account debit transactions with insufficient funds will result in a $35 returned check fee. Returned checks or insufficient bank fund debits exceeding two instances will result in suspension of check writing privileges/automatic checking account agreement.

In the scenario that no students show up for a schedule class time, the instructor will wait 5 minutes before canceling the class. The same policy applies to scheduled private lessons.

Just as in any youth recreational program, many of our coaching staff are part-time and are often students in college. This means that coaching assignment changes do occur, both temporary and permanent. However, all of our staff are trained through our proprietary systems which include online education courses, practical hands-on training, hours of mentor shadowing, and standardized testing. Unlike when there are “school teacher” changes or “substitute teachers” in the classical school setting, when coaching changes occur at AGI it does not hinder student progress. Since all coaches are fully certified and all have access to the child’s skill chart- there is no delay in the learning process when coach changes occur, which does happen.


In order to be enrolled in an AGI program you must be an active member in good standing. The Annual membership fee is applied prior to your being eligible for class enrollment and must be renewed annually. AGI offers a standard family annual membership of $35, through May of 2020. 

Beginning June of 2020, AGI will offer Bronze, Silver, Gold and Team Memberships for all individuals and families. 

It is important to note that in order for your membership to stay valid you must be actively enrolled in classes or camps. Refunds are not available for memberships that become invalid for any reason. Dropping out of the program will cause your membership to be revoked (“expire early”). A new membership fee payment will be required upon your returning to classes. Membership Fee’s are due annually on your enrollment anniversary.


A “30-Day Written Drop Notice” is required to drop from class. The notice must be received by the 1st of the month prior to the month dropping. Notices received after the 1st will not be processed the following month (i.e. client expecting to drop in July must give a 30-day drop notice by June 1 to avoid July tuition.) Drops can only be made through the proper online form. No other form is permitted. E-mail, phone, or verbal “drops” cannot be accepted and will not be considered valid. To find the proper online form, visit and look for the link to the drop form. 


Please understand that our invite-only competitive team programs have separate and additional rules that may hold supremacy over any stated policies or procedures found here. 

Late Arrival: Class Students arriving more than 5 minutes late to class MUST schedule a makeup with the front office. The safety of your child is very important to us, and providing a proper warm-up, stretch and setting the tone for the class help us keep your child safe. This rule does not apply to AGI Team athletes. AGI Team athletes that arrive late are expected to complete their warmup, stretch and basics prior to joining in on rotations.

Late Pickup: Please inform us if you know you will be late picking up your participant so we can arrange proper supervision. Our classes are not “Safety Lock Down Events”, meaning that at the end of the class the child will be released to the public. Please be present with eyes on your child at least a few minutes before the class end time.

Three Tier Security Check Out System:
01) The person picking up the child must have their name on the account. 02) The person picking up the child must present a photo ID or staff must be able to recognize the person by face identification from previous pick-ups. 

03) The person picking up the child must know and verbalize the “Safety Word” on file or staff must be able to recognize the person by face identification from previous pick-ups.

Only for Safety Lock Down Events is the person, or persons, picking up the child subject to our “Three Tier Security Check Out System” which states all of the following must occur for the child to be released; Ensure you give the front desk a Safety Word and that all people who potentially may pick up your child from lock down events (such as camps or Parent Night Outs) know the Safety Word and have their name on file. Otherwise the child will not be released from lock down events or camps without further security steps, which can be time consuming.

Open Gym Notice:
Please understand that, unlike some of our other programs, our Open Gyms are not “Safety Lock Down Events”. We advise you to stay and watch your child the entire event. They are free to leave the gym floor and walk into the lobby at any time and are not directly accounted for by any staff member. If you are comfortable with leaving your child at the Open Gym event, please understand you do so by your own free will with the knowledge that nobody is directly monitoring your child’s whereabouts. Staff is on the floor to ensure safety and fun, but at these particular events, staff are not ensuring that children stay on the gym floor.








Depending on your child’s program, it is likely his/her progress is tracked through our online software, iClassPro. Ask your child’s instructor or the front desk if your child’s program is one such program. If so, you can view your child’s progress online via our website or the iClassPro Parent Portal App.