AGI is a year-round program, so anytime is a great time to join our gymnastics program!

The “Level Up Season” takes place during the months of June-December. During this Season athletes continue to work toward going to the next level, whereas the months preceding the Olympics (Olympic Season) they are perfecting their current level. It still may take months for an athlete to Level-Up after the Olympic Season is over as students must finish their curriculum skill charts. Leveling-Up takes hard work, individual reliance, and positive thinking! This is a fantastic time to enroll for new students so they can learn curriculum as the Olympic Season approaches.

The “Olympic Pre-Season” takes place during the months of January and February. During this time period all AGI athletes are registered for the AGI Olympics – the biggest event of the year! This is a perfect time for new enrollments as during the Olympic Pre-Season students are just beginning to get introduced to their routines for May! New enrollments joining at this time are also encouraged to enroll in the AGI Olympics!

The “Olympic Season” takes place during the months of March, April, and May. All students will now begin to learn their routines as they work toward the most important event of the year, the AGI Olympics!

During this season Level-Ups are are not permitted, except with staff approval. This is still a great time for new enrollments to begin classes as routines are comprised of the skills in the standard curriculum, thus they will be learning the same curriculum as those who are training for the Olympics! 

Skill charts can be found easily under each student on your Parent Portal! 

AGI Evaluates athletes program-wide every quarter: 





Please check our calendar for scheduled evaluation weeks!

Why Join AGI?

The answer is simple; your athlete is gaining access to gymnastics instruction from our amazing, Safety Certified, CPR-Certified, Safespot Certified, & USA Gymnastics Background-Screened-and-Accredited Staff.

Our staff is committed to the safety and progress of each individual child that walks through our doors. They are committed to not just teaching progressive, safe and fun gymnastics, and making AGI your child's HAPPY PLACE, but they are champions of our unique approach to gymnastics skill learning...


All Paths Lead to Team!

As an added bonus, AGI provides broad opportunities to join our competitive teams.

Whether your child is just "getting their feet wet" to see what competition is all about, is involved in multiple sports and activities, or wants to compete on theNational, Collegiate, or International stage one day...

AGI is the place to be!


June 2021 - May 2022
$ 50
Annual Family Membership
  • Ability to Enroll in Classes
  • 1 FREE Open Gym Pass (per child) +1 Guest
  • Members-Only Discounts on ProShop, Parties and Events